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Freitag, 20. Februar 2015

St Patricks Day - Kleeblattohrringe

Thought it would be nice to have some irish accessorize for St Patricks day this year, to wear them to the Pub.
They are made from polymer clay and some fallen off rhinestones from an old pair of earrings.

Shamrock earrings

I will give them an acrylic finish on the weekend, attach some hooks and they are read to wear!


Die Ohrringe werden diese Jahr zum St. Patricks Day am 17. März auf jeden Fall wieder in den Pub ausgeführt.
Kleeblattohrringe aus Polymer Clay

Für eine Freundin habe ich ein paar Tunnel mit Kleeblättern und süßen Marienkäfern gemacht.

Kleeblatt mit Marienkäfern - Tunnel (Auftragsarbeit)

Dienstag, 10. Februar 2015

Dangling pieces

Those are some beads I made from polymer clay a long time ago and did not know what to do with them ... until now! Yeay, I ordered some head pins and bead cups ... and et voilà:

I tried to imitate lapis lazuli 

This was my first (and until now - last) attempt making swirl beads

This was my first polymer clay cane ... and what I made of it.

And here are tonight's creations :) ... I'll try to put them online for sale soon.

Those are glittering glass beads (Goldstone). 

Dienstag, 20. Januar 2015

Blue sensation: Blue drop earrings

Here is a little project of a pair of blue beadembroidered drop earrings i started making on my vacation in Sinai a few month ago.

Finally I had time to finish them - this is how they came out and i really like the mix of blues!

 A little detail on the focus. I can't remember what kind of semi precious stone beads i bought here, but guessing it must be jade. Somehow i remember exactly where i bought them: The Bead Gallery - a little bead shop in Lincoln in the UK.